I didn’t consult any branding gurus, but when the shearwater breed of bird was suggested to me as a logo for the blog, I liked the idea. There is already a musical outfit using the same name, a company doing adventure tours in Africa, a distributor of Electronic Design Automation software applications,  and it even sounds vaguely similar to a financial scandal that dogged the first term of Bill Clinton’s presidency, but I decided to stick with it. Searching on wikipedia (this page may have changed), the following quotes really resonated.

“These tubenose birds fly with stiff wings and use a “shearing” flight technique to move across wave fronts with the minimum of active flight.”

That ticks the “innovation” box

“cover distances in excess of 14,000 km”

Who says innovation and ancillary revenue maximization are only for the short haul LCC’s?

“They are also extraordinarily long-lived.”

Maybe not the most appropriate comment, given the number of airlines going out of business when I was starting this blog, but to me this just emphasizes even more the need for profitable innovation in order to survive and prosper.

“They lay a single white egg”

Well thought out and carefully selected plans designed to succeed, not a scatter gun approach to strategy.

“Some will follow fishing boats to take scraps”

Well it couldn’t  all go my way!

And I especially like the fact that there was one particular breed called the Short Tailed Shearwater. In the few years before starting this blog there was an incredible amount of hype in internet circles about the long tail. When writing about innovation, sometimes a little hype is impossible to avoid, but the main focus of this blog will aim to be about innovation that is both profitable and sustainable.