I know I have done an about face and become one of the cheer leaders of the mobile web in the past six or eight months, but is it really 15%? I saw 10% quoted only a few weeks ago. I got the 15% number from a recent Google report, but I suspect that like in a previous report, Google are counting a lot of the Maps traffic as travel related. This is definitely a grey area – local versus travel as readers of this blog would define travel are very different things. That said I think Google Maps is one of the stickiest mobile apps around with a ton of upside to disrupt travel, especially the destination content space. But whatever the true number for the proportion of travel search being done on the mobile, there is no question that it is growing at an incredible rate.

Regarding mobile, it is a nice change from all the Silicon Valley news to start to see stories such as Africa leading the way in mobile emerging from the recent SXSW conference in Austin, and I also noticed recently that Adobe’s Omniture May Build, Acquire or Partner Its Way Into Mobile Even More – Omniture being a company very familiar to many readers of this blog.

Finally, hat tip to Brett Snyder for alerting me to the site of Indonesian carrier PT. Tri-M.G. Intra Asia Airlines. The fact that you are reading this means there is an extremely high probably you have some interest in airline website design. In order to get the day of to a great start, turn up the speakers, imagine yourself jumping into the hot tub time machine, and now click on this link to experience an airline website like no other you have ever seen before. Remember to turn those speakers up loud.