The title of this post comes from the takeaways slide at the end of  a comScore webinar I was on earlier today. I’ve lifted the two most interesting slides from that presentation (or at least ones I didn’t see in the original report) and added them below.

There is no doubt that when I sit on a train here in Chicago there seems to be a growing number of people each and every week using their phones to connect to the web, and the most common thing I see is people using this time to check out Facebook. Too bad I’m closer to the News demographic above. At least when it comes to my BlackBerry OS I’m using version 5.0 so this puts me back in touch with a more technologically hip younger crowd according to the next chart.

I had a regular reader of this blog ask me recently why there seemed to be so much on mobile and less here on ancillary revenue these days. Apart from the fact that mobile growth is going through the roof and all airlines I talk to seem to be struggling to keep up with the pace of change, the real reason is that the industry discussion on ancillary revenue seems to have moved away from third party sources and more towards GDS standards – a topic I never intended to cover here in any great detail. All feedback is good feedback.