Recently I was writing quite positively on a research report from comScore, and today I saw an invitation for a webinar covering this same report. Part of the invitation goes as follows: 

Key questions addressed during the webinar will include:

  • How have market enablers like 3G/4G, smartphones and unlimited data plans driven mobile media usage among consumers?
  • What were the year’s top device trends, how have smartphone devices changed the market?
  • What mobile content categories are most popular among consumers, how do these differ across geographies?
  • How do browser and application access influence mobile content consumption?
  • How are consumers using mobile media to stay connected, how has daily consumption changed?
  • What will be important in the coming year for mobile, what role will mobile advertising and commerce play in 2011?

It is being held Tuesday, March 15 at 1.00pm Eastern and the title is The Mobile Year in Review 2010 U.S. I’ve registered, but I don’t have a generic link to share so if you are interested you’ll have to hunt around and secure your own invitation. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I think mine came from downloading the original research report.

Let’s hope that that webinar goes a little more smoothly than today’s mobile payments webinar from Kony. Kony are the company behind the mobile apps for the majority of US carriers, so quite a successful company. Despite having pre-registered, the CISCO Webex software seemed to max out with too many people trying to log on (I got an error message saying only the first 100 people could join). In the end I had to resort to dialing in via telephone and I missed out on viewing the slides.

David Eads, Product Marketing Director for Kony was good, but calling into a webinar on a mobile phone that cuts outs when you have 100 people listening was a bit surprising. Then again, I remember when Ben Kazez pulled out at the last minute from Phocuswright last November and I thought it was a bit strange, only to hear a couple of days later that he had just sold his company to Expedia. I can only assume that David Eads must be working on some mega deal to be calling into a webinar with no backup landline. Andrew Morris was also on the call and even though I’ve only spent 5 minutes skimming the report he referenced, the Mobile Retailing Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide for Navigating the Mobile Landscape, my first impressions are that it is an impressive piece of work.

In other news, I know this blog is aimed at airline people, but I’m also aware that some hotel people read it. Timothy O’Neil-Dunne wrote a great piece today for Tnooz (and not just because he mentiones me by name), so if you are interested in a well written piece that cuts though the Hipmunk hype and Room 77 sensationalism, check out his story.