Google hosted an event in New York yesterday called Think Mobile, and whilst I unfortunately only caught the early part of it on a livestream, I heard from people who sat through the entire event that it was a very worthwhile set of presentations. I did search online to see if any video of the event was available, but instead came across something of much more interest to readers here.

Apparently a similar event was held in London late last year, and Katie Stitson from Easyjet marketing gave an impressive presentation – all the more impressive as she was only two weeks away from giving birth!  The image on the right shows some of the results she discusses in the presentation. I can’t believe that when I just sat through this seven minute clip that it only had 53 views in the more than four months it has been online. If you work for an airline that has not yet fully embraced mobile (ie. just about everyone reading this), then forward that youtube clip (or even better, this post) to your colleagues and your boss, as seven minutes now might just be the wake up call needed to save a lot more than seven minutes of pain down the track when it becomes apparent that the horse has already bolted. In her presentation Katie talks about this exact same point – get started now and learn as much as possible whilst the absolute numbers are still relatively small.

At the New York event Jason Spero of Google showed a chart that I have been waiting a long time to see. I’ve used UK data previously showing the growth in search queries from mobile devices, but yesterday was the first time that I saw that same data for the US.

Apart from that chart above, the interesting takeaway from Jason’s presentation was when he said that large touch screen mobile phones have 50 times the search queries as that coming from a Blackberry. All the growth predictions seem to point to the fact that bigger screen mobile phones (not to mention the growth of tablets) are the way of the future, so if your airline website is not mobile enabled yet, today might be as good a day as any to get to work on it.