About.com founder Scott Kurnit recently came out of stealth mode with his new company AdKeeper, but apart from coupon type limited time special offers or travel inspiration, I’m not sure that many people would actually click onto an ad to save it for later viewing.

Travel inspiration is interesting, as I’m seeing some of the new types of internet advertising as being very relevant to this stage of the travel buying process. In my next post I plan to write a bit about how I’ve used technology to totally change the way I consume home entertainment (and somehow tie this into an angle relevant to airlines!). Part of that post will be building on this theme of how new advertising models could be used to benefit the airline direct sales channel. Companies like AdKeeper may find a role in this new environment.

Finally, I’ve seen a few people making travel industry predictions for 2011, but this article on MSNBC takes a refreshingly different approach, trying to predict what new sources of ancillary revenue will be discovered by airlines in 2011. There is definitely more money to be made related to ensuring overhead bin space, but whether it is through increased sales of advanced boarding, reduced permitted carry on baggage size or something else, I’m sure someone will work out a way to extract more money from passengers in this area.

I’m still waiting to hear what JetBlue and Ideo are coming up with in the area of innovative new sources of ancillary revenue.