In my recent predictions for 2011 you will find no mention anywhere of QR codes, but I did notice that Stephen Joyce from Rezgo predicted that 2011 would the The Year of the QR Code. So I was surprised to receive an email from an executive at a US carrier yesterday where he was using a QR code included in the signature line. We all know that being the first follower is an underrated form of leadership, so with that in mind, I’ve now added a QR code to the signature line on my emails as well.

The QR code on the signature line is a simple one pointing here, whilst the one above is my business card. I originally tried putting more information other than a link into my signature, but the more information you add, the harder it is for the camera to decode the image, especially when you are taking a picture directly from the screen.

BlackBerry has a pre-installed QR reader under Instant Messaging – Blackberry Messenger. I’m currently using BeeTagg, but others have also recommended i-nigma as a good reader. Go ahead and try pointing your phone at the screen.