When it comes to market research, I am usually much more negative than postitive, but this is the first of two posts where I am going to turn around my attitude completely. Today’s example is good, but the one I will write on next is even better. Maybe I’m just getting too much into the Christmas spirit?

Tnooz have not yet put up their 2011 predictions (should be any day now), but the second of the two predictions that I gave them was Mobile apps and airport kiosks begin their decline.

With that in mind, take a look at the market research data below I just saw.

A big theme I will be talking about frequently in 2011 is how a pure mobile strategy really sounds “so 2009”  and the way forward for airlines is to think of a mobile enabled direct channel strategy – it may sound similar, but they really are quite different. The native apps / mobile web discussion is one of the central planks of that theme.

Whilst on the topic of market research, the data I am going to put up in the next post comes from the best research report I have seen in a long time, but I’m still missing something that maybe one of my readers has access to. Has anyone seen good research showing time spent on Facebook segmented by age? The  closest I have seen is a Morpace report on Facebook usage by age and ethnicity but I’d be much more comfortable if rather than just asking people, the data came from Nielsen, Comscore. Hitwise or some type of panel data where actual rather than stated usage was measured. If you have a report like this, I can be contacted via this page, so please don’t be shy. The report I will be referencing in my next post was sent to me by a regular reader of this blog (thanks Mario), and also today when you click on a link you should notice it opening in a new tab – another change based on reader feedback (thanks Andrew). 

To hear more about the Adobe study on mobile, and to find out more about the chart I have used above, you can listen to webcast here.