Back in October at the Amadeus Horizons conference I moderated a 50 minute panel featuring John Lonergan from Qantas and Jason Wynn from American Express. The title of this session was Ancillary Services: The multi-channel approach and delivery dilemma solved.

Moderating a conference panel capped off the second of two specific semi-work related goals I had set myself for 2010; the first being to do a conference presentation using zero Powerpoint slides. I’ve already shown the video of that no slides presentation, so for those that are interested, below is the first 15 minutes from Horizons in San Francisco on the topic of ancillary services.

I was interested to try my hand at moderating a panel as I’d been slightly critical of others in the past, but until I had done it myself, those criticisms sounded a little hollow. My next speaking appearance on the conference circuit is at Eye for Travel in Atlanta in late January, so I look forward to meeting a few more readers of this blog there as well.

PS: Youtube have actually allowed me to upload the entire 50 minutes in one file (at somewhat lower video and audio quality than the embedded 15 minutes above), so click here if you want to watch the full length video of this ancillary services panel from Horizons.