After starting with this idea of taking a deeper look at, I now think I’ve got a few topics to write on this week. Mostly just general observations regarding parts of the website.

When I was looking at the site the other day I thought it would be interesting to sign up to their email offers list. I clicked on the “email exclusives”  link that appears on the bottom of most pages, and it takes me to the page you can see in the top three quarters of this screenshot. Whilst not in the same league as Tiger and their impressive Stripes offer, you need to remember that American are a completely different model to Tiger so the same rules so not apply. In my personal case, I already have status enabling lounge access with American’s oneworld partner Iberia, so I don’t see any need to join AAdvantage. From what I saw, it looks like I am not allowed to opt in to the AA email distribution list without first joining their own frequent flier program. Not quite sure of the logic of that, but maybe if the offers really are exclusives and not just the same offers available to all then maybe it could make sense. If not, then it is just turning away potential customers, especially those already loyal to the alliance.

Hardly the most serious issue in the world (unlike the end of my last AA post) but sometimes it just helps to have an outsider (or semi-outsider in my case) point out things that may or may not have been realized already by an airline.