Phocuswright the week after next is shaping up to be a great event. I’m looking forward to catching up with a lot of readers of both this blog and of my work on Tnooz whilst I am there – if I get there.

It was only recently that I reviewed parts of the booking flow, and whilst some of what I saw I liked, nothing would compare to the actual flight if they really can transport me back in time. Take a look at the pre-departure reminder email that I just received, and pay very close attention to the arrival date, both going and returning.

On June 3rd last year I was still living in Madrid, but assuming I do make it to Arizona at some point in the present, I am looking forward to Tuesday 16th and seeing all of the companies presenting in the Travel Innovation Summit. My own employer Amadeus (more time travel?) will be one of the 34 companies demonstrating, but it is not a product that I am personally involved with. Some of the other companies I’m also interested in seeing (although I’m sure there will be at least one not on this list that also ends up impressing me) are tripalertz, e-channel Search, Goby, Hipmunk, Lixto, gogobot, Kony Solutions, Kukunu, Bonvoy and Voyavo. For a full list of all the innovators under the spotlight, click here.

If you are attending the conference and haven’t already been in touch but would like to set up a meeting, I’m very open to hearing from you and finding out more about what you do and why it will change the online travel landscape.