The Amadeus e-Retail IBE has had an upsell teaser panel as part of the airline website experience for a while now, but I was interested to see how United have implemented a similar concept on their site. Last seat availability showing which flights only have a few seats left is a fairly recent innovation that has been an effective call to action on a number of airline websites I am familiar with, but United have kind of taken this concept of “hurry or you’ll miss out”  and applied it to the upsell teaser panel.

Notice the yellow panel in the middle of the screen with the red text that started at 2 minutes and is counting down until the offer expires. What is interesting is that at this point the credit card has been taken, but presumably not yet authorized. They are giving you 2 minutes to choose to spend more, but without the risk (as can happen with shopping baskets) that you will suffer from sticker shock and back out of the purchase completely. My overall verdict – quite nicely done, and I think we’ll see this type of approach popping up at other airlines websites in future.