Hawaiian were one of the many airlines I spoke with at Horizons last week; nothing formal, just a chance discussion that I enjoyed a lot. But prior to Horizons I had been notified of a position they were hiring (given that it mentioned the words “ancillary revenue”) and it struck me as a quite a wide ranging role. I’ve pulled some earlier written text it out of the vault and posted it here – maybe someone reading feels like throwing their hat into the ring.

In the fifth of a number of categories outlining job responsibilities for the role of Senior Manager Marketing Analysis, Hawaiian Airlines are looking for someone who can:

5) Search for opportunities
a) Analyze available data in search of opportunities to increase revenue per available seat mile and to generate ancillary revenue.
b) Find new ways to use existing data and new sources of data to support marketing decision making.

After reading the job description in full, it sounds like the job of a team of people rather than one person. Good luck to whoever gets it.