A totally tongue in cheek post today, but has Kevin or Dennis at Tnooz written something so provocative that it has offended the mighty Google? I was reading my Gmail account on the weekend and tried to click through to an article on some SITA market research, when I got the following screen shot in Google’s Chrome browser.


Tnooz considered dangerous by Google!


So I truncated the URL and tried again. Next screen.


Someone at Tnooz must have really offended Google


Still undeterred, I ignored the warnings and went on to read some interesting claims. Very interesting claims.

SITA says those using airline websites to book accommodation jumped from 21% in 2009 to 38% in the latest, 2010 edition of the annual study. A similar figure – 19% to 35% over a 12 month period – could be found for those opting to buy car hire.

Now I may have a been a little too harsh on SITA and the last piece of market research they put out, but this one really raises some eyebrows. I know some airline websites that are genuinely kicking goals with ancillary revenue from cars and hotels, but I know many many more that are still way under-selling when it comes to achieving what is truly possible.

But SITA have many smaller to medium sized airlines using their IT for their internet booking engine, so surely by asking their airline customers for data that would then be then aggregated and published, then this must be extremely reliable?

Hmmm, not so fast. Here is how they did it – again from the Tnooz piece.

The study interviewed passengers at seven major international airports around the world, including Moscow, Atlanta, Mumbai, Sao Paolo and Johannesburg.

At this point I will copy a paragraph from a previous post written here.

Survey’s are great, but be careful relying solely on asking people what they think, as just as Ideaworks have written (PDF) in their good analysis on the impact of recent changes to US checked bagggage fees, sometimes what people say they will do bears little relationship to what they actually end up doing.

So you get the point – why survey people when you are either sitting on the real data or at least can get it without too much effort. But enough on Google and SITA. This coming week I look forward to catching up with again with Jay Sorensen from Ideaworks plus a large number of airline execs at the Amadeus Horizons conference in San Francisco. If you are a regular reader here and are attending the conference, please be sure to introduce yourself to me. It is always good to meet new people whom I previously did know read my work either here on Shearwater Blog, or the stuff I write over at Tnooz – actually, I hope I’m not the one who offended Google!