Things have been a bit slow on this blog recently, but you can take that as meaning I’ve been pretty pre-occupied elsewhere. Part of it being preparing for Horizons in San Francisco next week, but a lot more than that as well.

Last week Google ran their Think Travel invitation only event in New York, and I know of a few people that attended.  Long time readers will remember my Bow Tie model data which relied heavily on Google numbers showing an average of 22 travel sites visited over 12 sessions in 47 days prior to the travel booking being made.

The latest Google numbers shown at the conference last week show very little change. Twenty two travel sites is still being used as a statistic, but the number of searches is now being claimed as 9.5 on average prior to booking. I did not see any reference to the lead time prior to booking (previously 47 days), but I was speaking to someone today who was trying to make a case for mobile apps having the potential to significantly reduce the booking window, especially in non air.

I’ll wait for the data, but on the face of it, it might be true?