Here is an interesting co-incidence I just discovered. From November 16-18 the big PhoCusWright conference and the Cisco Worldwide Collaboration Partner Summit 2010 are both taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be at the PhoCusWright event, but after reading the following in IT I’m thinking the Cisco team might be smart to engage in some guerrilla marketing and poach a few airline delegates from PhoCusWright for a couple of hours.

You send out a Tweet to the airline on your smart phone saying: “Help my baggage didn’t show up in Orlando!” The airline’s customer service staff accesses that information, looks you up in their system, locates your misplaced suitcases, and Tweets right back telling your where your luggage is, and outlining next steps.

Is this for real? Can there be such a Tweet conclusion to your bitter ordeal?

Absolutely, says John Hernandez, general manager and vice-president, Cisco Systems Inc.’s customer collaboration business unit.

In fact, he says, San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco has created an application that makes it all possible. “It provides airlines that use our technology a way to access a customer post about lost luggage – sent over Twitter – and after taking the necessary steps to locate missing items, to tweet back in a matter of seconds.”

“We’ve prototyped the application, though it’s not in production yet,” Hernandez told

It’s among the offerings being showcased and formally launched at the Cisco Worldwide Collaboration Partner Summit 2010 being held in Pheonix, Az. in November.

I’ve been extremely guarded in any positive opinion I’ve shown in the past for using Twitter in an airline servicing environment, but on the other hand, anything that improves the painful experience of retrieving lost baggage has got to be a good thing. The Cisco initiative certainly sounds like something worth taking a look at if you are already planning on being in Phoenix in mid November for PhoCusWright.