By now you would have seen the recent comment from John Tague at United Airlines about airline ancillary revenue only being in the third innings in terms of revenue potential. I couldn’t agree more. So today I’m back on the hobby horse of favored topics that no-one in the airline industry has picked up on yet – or at least if they have, it has been very much under the mainstream radar.

The first one I was reminded of came via this story saying nearly 60% of people wanted child free zones on the plane in an online survey from Sky Scanner. I’m not normally a huge fan of online surveys, but in this case I suppose I’ll do like just about everyone else and forget my reservations as it backs up my own opinion! Ah, but 60% said so in a survey, so I must be correct. With every airline now keen to sell exit row seats, why is no-one trying to set up a child free zone? Call it the business travel quiet working zone or whatever you want, but just remember, 60% are with me on this.

The other one is price drop protection insurance on an airline direct website – I really think this would drive much faster channel shift for international itineraries especially. And then there is always the poor weather insurance idea. Insurance is easy easy money, but some sites (not too many these days) still don’t even offer basic travel insurance in the booking flow. 

Maybe you could make a few of these suggestions whilst interviewing with Wizz air in Geneva for the Ancillary Revenue Manager job they are currently hiring.

And whilst on the topics of jobs in the industry, I almost felt like someone has posted part of my own job description online last week when Dennis Schaal wrote a story in Tnooz with the title Amadeus seeks to move in on ITA Software turf — US market. I’ve got a much broader remit than just selling online shopping in the US, but there is no doubt that now is an interesting time to be working for Amadeus in airline IT in North America.