It wasn’t great news last week to hear that my friends at Mexicana are doing it tough. Hopefully they can restructure sufficiently to get the airline back on a firm footing. I’ve done a number of trips to Mexico City over the past few years, and actually have another trip planned there for September; it has always been a pleasure doing business with them, so let’s hope things turn around soon.

On the topic of Mexicana, I heard a name recently that sounded familiar. I remember meeting Rodolfo Elizondo when he was working in a senior role at Mexicana in the lead up to the airline cutting over to Amadeus Altea, so I was interested to see his name pop up in a message from Roger Williams of conference organizers Airline Information. As I only recently discovered, these days Rodolfo is a Partner and EVP of Strategy and Consulting for CrossMedia Digital Marketing. As Rodolfo said to me the other day, he is now looking to leverage some of his experience in SEM, display advertising and other measurable components of online strategy from his days with Mexicana, in working with other airlines in the region, from his current base in Miami.

It was Rodolfo together with Blas Caraballo (still at MX) who one evening in Mexico City a few years ago introduced me to the fine local delicacy of escamoles – ant eggs, colloquially known as Mexican caviar. And not to forget the chapulines on the table that evening as well! My French colleagues dining with us largely gave it a miss, but with the world becoming more of a mono-culture with every passing year, for me it is always a pleasure to try something a little less ubiquitous than Starbuck’s coffee.