Just the other day I wrote about airline back office automation saying that

it is an important topic that sometimes gets left behind as we focus instead on the seductive topic of how to add more bells and whistles to an airline website.

So today, it is back to the good old topic of airline website design. I was prompted to go back and cover this by two very interesting pieces I read. The first was a post titled Why united.com is called .bomb which was a critical review of persistent errors the writer has experienced whilst using United’s frequent flier website. One interesting comment a reader left on that site was “you guys should try DER BOMB (unitedairlines.de) or LA BOMB (united.fr)…error messages in English”

Whilst I haven’t verified the error messages myself, it does relate to a topic covered here recently about managing international versions of your airline website as well the topic of airline website error messages in general.

The second item I saw commenting on various airlines and their website design was from Jared Spool at User Interface Engineering and titled Please, let me redesign your airline for you. That post discussed, together with screenshot examples showing suggested improvements, the websites of both Delta and American Airlines.

If you enjoy the topic of travel website user experience, be sure to also read the interview I did recently with Scott Moorhead of Wotflight, as they have creatively tackled a number of challenges in displaying multiple flight options as well as other challenges in travelĀ related user experience.