I seem to get a bit of search engine traffic for the post I did a while ago on Sadistic Sadie from United Airlines, so here is another post I have saved for a rainy day when lack of time or lack of inspiration prevented me from writing anything really that meaningful.

This time it is a Qantas employee from their frequent flier department in Melbourne who has been taken away by police. And the accusation – she stole from the account of a professional boxer – not sure if that was the smartest move. As the boxer said in response:

“I rang my (travel) agent and apparently it was some bird from Melbourne. She works at frequent flyers and she reckons I told her she could have the points,” Mundine told the Sunday Herald Sun. “I never told her she could have all my points.”

I can’t imagine what goes through the mind of some people – how on earth does one think that doing something like that is a good idea? Apparently she got away with it once before, which is also very difficult to comprehend. 

And whilst on topics Australian, check out the recent quote from Flight Centre boss Graham “Scroo” Turner.

The trend to online buying has been happening for the last 12 to 15 years, and it’s plateauing now.

If there was one person in the travel sector I wouldn’t want to bet against it would be Turner, but there is no way I can agree with that comment.

Finally, the post I put up on Tnooz a couple of days ago is getting some really good quality comments from readers, so if you haven’t taken a look already, I’d really encourage you read it – if not for my view on travel inspiration and innovation in travel search, then for the high quality comments from people like Joe Buhler, Robert Cole and Timothy O’Neil-Dunne.