Regardless which three letter acronym you use, I’ve said it before, this one will be big in the world of airline ancillary revenue. Sometimes I see it written as Electronic Miscellaneous Document, and other times as Electronic Miscellaneous document Server, but in a world of every changing branding, the last thing I recall was being told to refer to it as EMS – who knows, maybe it has changed again?

Back in February this year I wrote “this is potentially the big ancillary revenue story for 2011” so congratulations to Finnair for going live last week.

And whilst on the topic of predictions, in-flight entertainment systems made my list for 2010, so it was interesting to see the news below from Virgin America.

With the Red store, Virgin America and SkyMall have teamed up to give flyers the chance to shop from their seatback at 35,000 feet from hundreds of top brands like Sony, Canon, Sharp and Michael Kors.  Products range from the Sony PSP with 1 game (retails for $329.00 and worth 536 Elevate program points) to the latest Michael Kors tote (retails for $268.00 and worth 536 Elevate program points). The debut of the Red store marks the first time that SkyMall has developed a product line designed specifically for purchase through an airline seat-back entertainment system.

In fact, when I made my 2010 predictions I actually mentioned Virgin America in this category. Unfortunately I haven’t flown with them yet, but given that I am spending more and more time in the United States these days, there is no doubt that it is only a matter of time.