Sometimes I have people asking me what sort of jobs are available within Amadeus and what sorts of skills the company is looking for. Read below for one small part of the answer.

The project topic is the integrated disruption recovery for airlines, a critical and fast growing area of airline operations research, with many opportunities for exciting and challenging research for a new PhD. The PostDoc project will build upon significant achievements of the Amadeus-ENAC partnership in the field of disruption recovery. Simply put, the project aims at finding novel ways to address the disruption recovery problem and eventually propose a generic, accurate, fast and high quality solver.

Lest you think I am as smart as the person we are looking for above, please think again! I may have sold a related solution in the past, but there is a big difference between selling something, and actually building the complex mathematical model behind how it all works.

Disruption management may not be a direct “sales” function, but it does have a huge impact on the direct channel as it is the call centre and airline website that people usually turn to first when there is a problem.

Whether you call it Service Recovery, Disruption Management or some other name, there is no doubt from the airlines that I talk to that this is becoming a major area of interest as it not only improves customer satisfaction, but when done properly it will also have a major impact on lowering costs within the airline.