So much discussion over the past week on Google and ITA and the implications for travel, but a topic I’ll steer clear of given that it is a little too close to home. But I did see a nice diagram recently from PPC Blog that they are calling How Google Works and which I’ve reproduced below. Click the link in the prior sentence if you can’t see the image clearly enough.

This diagram reminds me a little of a company for which I have a lot of time, even though I don’t know any of the people there personally. I’m referring to XPlane. To massively oversimplify their business model, you pay them a lot of money and they give you very little in return – but this is the beauty of the model; it is all about quality and not quantity. There are few things that cut through the clutter like a really nice clear diagram or other visual representation of a process or a set of relationships. This is why I like things like the above diagram, and why companies like XPlane that specialize in the art of getting across a point in one page rather than a 50 slide deck in Powerpoint are of such interest to me.

Extend the analogy to your airline website, or any airline IT process, and to take a line written by Paul Coby when he wrote on the topic of Corporate IT just got interesting again – 6 IT mega-trends that are changing business:

Ease of use – it’s intuitive, you don’t need training

Simplicity is a beautiful thing, but I suppose one of the keys reasons Google choose to buy and not build their travel capability is the fact that airline IT is anything but simple.