Not everyone agrees with BMI winning Best Airline Website at the Travelmole Awards, but then again, you’ll always have a few dissenters on any such award. Other Amadeus customers, this time in the Middle East, were instrumental in the decision at the 6th Pan Arab Web Awards. I see Mario Segovia getting his photo in that last link, but no mention of his name in the article, so I’ll fix that omission here. Well done to all.

Moving from one Gulf region to another, the BP oil slick has got me thinking about Affinity Shopper and similar types of technology driven inspiration websites. From a story in the Washington Post.

Before taking the plunge into Gulf of Mexico waters, see what’s going on underneath them. The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association recently launched a Web site,, with updates on diving and snorkeling conditions in areas threatened by the oil spill.

With some airlines and travel agents doing the matching of affinities to destinations, are they also taking the responsibility when something like an oil spill happens to update which destinations are showing up in searches like beach or diving?

Food for thought when thinking about how to really make travel inspiration websites as relevant to potential customers as possible.