Saw an interesting story on Travolution about Lastminute working with a company called Maxymiser.

Richard Spencer, customer experience manager at, said: “As is the case with many e-tailers at present, improving conversion rates is a key focus for, however, being able to sustain the increase in conversion uplift was pivotal to us. “Multivariate testing is now widely recognised as a methodology for increasing online conversions, and it has been proven to deliver an excellent return on investment.

According to Sitespect, “While A/B testing allows you to test just one factor at a time, multivariate testing enables you to test many changes simultaneously.” I was having a conversation this past weekend with someone working in a quant role at a large market research firm and we were discussing how clients commissioning research rarely care about statistical methods, so it was a nice change today to see some buzz words being bandied about by Lastminute.   

Lastminute are planning to focus on landing pages, and this leads me to one seldom mentioned benefit of search by attributes products using a large cache. Adding large date range data encompassing a wide selection if prices is a good way of increasing relevance of the landing page and thus boosting the ranking of your airline website in organic search engine results. Maybe they can use this idea as one step in the mutivariate testing?