In January this year I wrote a detailed piece explaining why revenue integrity was important for airline direct sales channels, and not only for enforcing compliance within the travel agency community.

Then I saw the article below in Business Week and it got me thinking again.

An Ohio roller derby skater who used the team name “Sadistic Sadie” has admitted in federal court to illegally obtaining more than $400,000 in airline tickets while working for United Airlines.

Mercedes Stafford, 34, of Cincinnati pleaded guilty to wire fraud Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Covington, Ky., according to court documents.

Federal prosecutors say Stafford created fake numbers for tickets that are issued to passengers when a United Airlines flight is canceled or delayed, to allow passengers to travel on another flight. The Cincinnati Rollergirls team member then used the fake tickets to obtain real tickets that she used for herself or provided to family, friends, teammates and others associated with roller derby events, court records state. United honored the tickets, whether they were used on its planes or other airlines.

I’d had this post sitting in the vault (ie. draft folder) for maybe a week ,unsure whether to post it as is or try and expand upon the idea – but then today I saw Jet Blue were running with it. Maybe the title of this blog post should have been changed to Which airline has the most out-there blog. I can’t see too many other official airline blogs running with a story like this on a competitor!