Quite a number of people have asked me about the short presentation I gave to wake everyone up first thing on Thursday morning at last weeks Amadeus Airline e-Commerce Conference in Cannes. This would have to be my favorite conference each year as having attended for the past five years there are are many friends and airline people from around the world that I see only at this event. But as much as I would like to take full credit on originality for my presentation, the real credit must go to Derek Sivers. I actually got the idea after reading an interesting article from that great publication Techdirt, in a piece titled Ideas Into Execution: Giving Away An Idea To Make It Happen. Today is actually the second time I have linked to that article and made reference to the first follower concept in this blog.

Below is my short presentation if you were not one of the almost 150 airline eCommerce employees that saw it live. I set myself a challenge this year to try and do a presentation with zero (or maybe a miximum of one) slides. I’ve sat through way too many boring text heavy presentations than I care to remember – so this is my attempt at a zero slides presentation. My recollection is that the sound from the video clip was lounder in the room than comes across on the recording, and this music really enhanced the live presentation. Even without the easily audible music, I trust you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed presenting it.