Only a month ago I was asking if Service Recovery would be the next hot topic to put bums on seats at travel industry conferences, but now am I strongly leaning towards putting my money on Inspiration.

My two most recent posts before today have been on the topic, other people are starting to write good stuff in this area and most importantly, airlines are wanting to talk to me about it – as evidenced by the interest in this topic in Cannes last week.

In the past week I also received this email from Spanair using the theme, and OTA Rumbo sent me an email about creating holiday photo books through their site. Even if the Spanair message linked to a page that still asked for my travel dates and destination upfront, at least airlines are starting to think about this space. During the presentation by John Lonergan at last weeks airline e-commerce conference, he made reference to their inspiration initiative, Qantas Travel Insider. I first mentioned this site back in January 2009, and it is still one of the better efforts from an airline attempting to move into this space.

It is far from where I see the end game for supplier direct websites moving into travel inspiration, but it is worth looking at if you want to see part of the possible answer.