Tnooz have published the first part of my article on supplier direct websites moving into the travel inspiration space – I’ve tried to broaden the appeal beyond just airline direct given the much wider audience of that site.

Click below to read Part 1 in this 5 part series:

Five challenges on the journey to mastering travel inspiration

Kevin May, the editor at Tnooz, asked if I was OK to split the article into 5 pieces and run it over the coming days. Given that it is well over 5 times the length of most articles on that site it seemed like a good idea. I’ve had a few people tell me how they started reading my articles on mobile only to be shocked at how little progress had been made by the scoll bar on the side of the screen. 

The Tnooz article includes an old diagram, a modified diagram, and a completely new diagram. With today’s piece you get the Bow Tie Model that any regular of this site should know as well as me by now! But I’ll be really interested to get some feedback on the totally new concept that I am calling the Inspiration Footprint Matrix. That one should appear in Part 3.

There is one point that I didn’t make in the Tnooz article. In some ways my research (once all 5 parts are published) is a call out to anyone looking to invest in an industry whitepaper in order to try and better quantify some of the models I am using. There is definitely an opportunity to add custom research data around almost all of the concepts I have presented. If you are interested in doing this, then you have my full permission and support. Anything that helps industry participants better understand how to master the move away from pure transactional websites towards moving more into the inspiration sphere would be welcomed by many.

Expect this blog to go pretty quiet over the coming days, as with Tnooz publishing every day, there is only so much of my writing that any sane person can absorb.