Regular readers will know that this blog is definitely not an outlet for me to parrot the message of my employer. If I like an Amadeus product then I’m not afraid to say so and in the rare cases when I don’t, then I just ignore writing about it. But be warned, as starting Wednesday next week, I’ll be at the Amadeus Airline e-Commerce conference in Cannes, and this blog is likely to become overloaded with Amadeus content for a few days. I promise to bring back a bit more balance once it has finished.

For those using Twitter and wanting to keep abreast of things during the conference, then the hashtag to use is #1AeCom2010

You won’t see anything from me there as I’m a luddite in the microblogging world, but I more than make up for it with the ridiculously long macroblogging posts I write for Tnooz sometimes. I’m putting the finishing touches to one at the moment that was mostly written on the plane back from the US last week, and it is covering leisure travel inspiration. I hope to have it up on the site before the end of the week; especially as I’m interested to speak with airline eCommerce execs at the conference to get their feedback on if, or when and how they plan to move away from transactional websites and further back into influencing potential customers undecided on their destination, dates, budget or any part of the leisure travel experience.  

I’m not familiar with Smart Travel, and any site using pop-unders is hardly qualified to pass judgement on usability of others websites. But to give them a run they have just announced the following: Editors’ Choice Awards 2010: Best Airline Website. The winner was Frontier Airlines, with honorable mentions to Hawaiian and Jet Blue.