New York Times had an interesting article on how promotions in the movie business is changing. Given that only in my most recent post I mentioned geo-gaming and the VC interest in this space, the following quote really got me thinking.

The ubiquity of GPS-enabled smartphones has also presented an opportunity for games to raise ticket sales. Marketers call the tactic location-based gaming. Say an iPhone game designed to promote a movie comes with an added element — an exclusive level that you can use only inside a theater on opening weekend. “That really closes the loop from a digital marketing perspective because we’re actually driving people into seats,” said Jason Yim, the founder of Trigger, a digital marketing agency that counts Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network as clients.

Is there an angle here for airlines? It is really getting into the bleeding edge of technology, but I’m wondering if this might end up being related to my second of five 2010 travel technology predictions made earlier this year: In flight entertainment will move beyond the cabin.’

Finally, I arrived in Cancun earlier today and the great weather I had in Chicago has been replaced by heavy tropical rains; but I didn’t come here for the beach anyway. I’ll actually be stuck indoors almost all of the time I am here. Albert Pozo from Amadeus just finished a great presentation that featured a few slides on the rise of online travel agencies in various regions of the globe, and then some stuff on the economics behind running an OLTA. To the best of my knowledge none of this was based on proprietary Amadeus data, but just to be safe I’m asking for the OK before I republish any of his slides here. Hopefully I’ll get approval to put a few of them up in the coming week, but if I never mention it again you can pretty safely assume the answer was no.