There are a number of posts in my head or in partly written draft form, but very little time unfortunately to dedicate to doing justice to the ideas and turning them into reality. I’m giving a heads up just in case anyone reading this has anything extremely relevant that I should be looking at prior to publishing.

The next piece for Tnooz will probably be related to the future of travel search and how players that are traditionally only seen as booking sites (eg. airlines) can move further into the inspiration space and bridge the gap between idea generation, planning and then booking. Some of the ideas for this are coming courtesy of Bob Offutt at PhoCusWright who got me thinking again about a favourite old topic and how to extend its applicability into the inspiration space; the other inspiration is coming from Tim Hughes who wrote a great piece on his take for how travel inspiration is evolving. The third idea came from a colleague at Amadeus who told me that something like 20% of people on airline websites don’t yet know where they want to travel, but over 50% of people on OLTA sites fell into this category when surveyed – I don’t have the actual survey data or confirmation on the veracity of the numbers, but if true they would be a great lead in to a very compelling story. Given that I seem to be trying to set a record for the longest articles on Tnooz, this intended piece might still take a while to come to fruition.

One of the other posts in my mind at the moment, and I hinted at this a few weeks ago, is the changing nature of what constitutes social business, especially as it is related to the travel sector. I’ll probably post that here. The things I’ve seen recently that are pushing me in this direction are the popular diagram I linked to recently showing how Facebook user privacy was being eroded. I also saw something today about how more people are using search terms related to “how do I delete my Facebook account” and then I saw a respected industry commentator illustrating the decline of Twitter. The piece I have in mind is actually a lot more upbeat than I’m making it sound, as the social model is not dead, it is just changing. And change is good.

The third idea is related to the upcoming Amadeus eCommerce conference in Cannes. As far as I am concerned, this is always the biggest and the best event of the year specifically aimed at airline website managers. They have moved the timing forward a few months as traditionally it was held around September-October. This year it will be in early June, but I’m thinking of whether there is any way I can use this blog to tie into my attendance at that event in any meaningful way. I never want this blog to be seen as a PR outlet for my employer, but it is my honest opinion is that this conference is the one must attend event of the year, so I’m happy to give it a bit of a plug.

I’m leaving tomorrow for over a week in the United States and Mexico on business, so I’m really scratching my head as to when any of the above mentioned pieces will ever see the light of day!