On April 28th I missed the PhoCusWright webcast on Ancillary Services: A Tipping Point of Industry Dynamics. It was hosted by Bob Offutt, PhoCusWright’s senior technology analyst and editorial director, Innovation Edition and Susan Steinbrink, senior research and corporate market analyst.

But someone on the call was kind enough to send me the lovely screen shot captured here. It was a nice surprise, as I didn’t know PhoCusWright were planning on incorporating my Bow Tie Model into their presentation to clients. No problem with the guys there using the diagram, as it really is a very clear way to illustrate the influences at work when trying to understand how to capture a greater share of ancillary revenue – in fact it is actually an honour to have PhoCusWright giving my ideas their stamp of approval. Interestingly, even though that post on the Bow Tie Model is over a year old, it still gets more search engine traffic on this blog than any other post. As a return favour, I’m sure my friends at PhoCusWright won’t complain about giving me a free ticket to their November conference in Scottsdale, near Phoenix! But if they get my name wrong again in the source (at least they were decent enough to mention the source), then maybe it will be free tickets for the entire Amadeus cast of hangers on likely to attend in November.

If PhoCusWright using the Bow Tie Model of Ancillary Revenue doesn’t quite meet your expectation for worthy news, how about Apple buying Siri. No-one working in destination content and mobile travel apps could deny that one being an extremely interesting acquisition.