I was having dinner last night in the lovely town square of Valbonne, inland from Cannes, and one of the dining party said something to me that I found incredibily profound. The first person was talking about travelling short haul with a major European network carrier. He was complaining to us that his meeting had finished early but he was still made to wait for his booked flight as they would not allow him to board the flight departing sooner, even thought he was already at the airport.

The second colleague followed up with something that has radically improved the way I as a business traveller view Easyjet. Before last night I was still stuck in the mindset that LCC’s were not my preferred option for business travel within Europe, but clearly the LCC – Legacy carrier divide is losing relevance rapidly. His story was that he flies Easyjet often for business as not only does he think the seats and the legroom are better, but here comes the real clincher – whenever he arrives early at the airport they always let him on the earlier flight with no questions asked.

Now think about that story in the context of something I read recently from Jeff Hilimire

I asked the audience a hypothetical question. Would they rather a) get one click from an email campaign or b) one person telling another person how great their product is? Obviously everyone chose b. I upped the ante, “10 clicks” vs. one recommendation. Still overwhelmingly the one recommendation won out. Where does it end? 100 clicks? 1,000 clicks? 

I’m not sure how many clicks my new high regard for Easyjet is worth, but it must surely be more than a few.