I’m hoping this will be my last Volcano related post for quite some time, but the learnings from this experience will keep returning in the coming months as airlines ask the key question of “how do we want to communicate to and engage with our passengers?” It is becoming clearer to me by the day just how many people in business are grasping with the whole question of what to do with social media, and I’ll probably devote more time to this in coming months – it really is the question I am getting asked more and more.

Many people have written good reflection type articles on how airlines handled social media during the crisis. I find it refreshing to occasionally read the thoughts of someone outside of the industry, and this is why I enjoyed reading Airlines Declare Facebook a No-Fly Zone by Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh from Firecracker digital media. There is no talk of scalability or the other boring themes I rant about when questioning slavish dedication to everything social, or understanding the continuum running from social media to social business design (that point is probably a topic for me for next week) but what her post does really well is clearly highlight one risk of a half baked social media strategy – that being, opening the door only to reveal nothing on the other side. Or even worse, opening the door to let in the anarchists who trash everything on the inside. Because it is written about airlines, it makes it that much more interesting for readers of this blog.