Despite linking quite frequently to other sources, it is rare that I personally endorse another blogger, one reason being that I don’t have a blogroll in the side panel as seems to be the trend these days. Today I’ll make an exception. An Amadeus colleague of mine has recently started a blog called Planes, Trains, and Automation and even though he is going after a different audience to most of the readers of this blog, it is worth taking a look at.

Eric Olesen and I worked closely together in the past when he was leading development for Amadeus Revenue Integrity in Tucson and I was leading the push to roll out Direct Channel Automation to airlines globally. These days he works for Amadeus in Chicago and consults to travel agencies and airlines. His blog seems to be aimed at people with an interest in US airlines, especially those interested in IT systems for running reservations and inventory. Of course he covers a lot more, but one thing I really hope he keeps up is creating good diagrams to accompany his posts. This is what I call the Dave Armano blogging strategy, and it really is impressive if you can sustain it. Other people lift your diagrams and hopefully have the courtesy to link back, thereby getting your word out to a much wider audience.

Below I’ve added a recent illustration of Eric’s on the frequent flyer relationships between different airlines.

So whilst I’ve personally gone after a narrow target of direct channels, and lately have been writing mostly on mobile, social, ancillary revenue and other innovation relevant to airline websites, Eric deserves a much wider audience.

It is always lonely in the early months writing regular posts and having very few people reading, but if Eric keeps producing the insightful diagrams and the informative written content, then I’m sure he’ll have a loyal audience in no time. He’s even jumped back on his Twitter account after being a skeptic for so long, so he must be serious!