I’m 99.99% sure this is wrong, but it was interesting the other day on the Consumerist website to read a detailed account of one consumer’s individual complaint against booking hotels on the Continental website. Here is the quote:

Continental has no responsibility for this at all because they don’t make money of the service and it’s just for convenience

Take that up to 100%, as no way this would be true. I went and had a look at the Continental website and they seem to be using a white label Travelocity site, although they have done a very good job of masking this. The Continental website is making multiple calls to the site below during the booking flow.

Begin earning a competitive revenue share on a myriad of products, including Hotel, Air, Car, Activities, Vacation Packages and Last Minute Deals. As a WCT partner, you will enjoy the same competitive rates and inventory that are offered on Travelocity.com, but have your branding carried throughout the customer shopping and booking experience.

I was also interested to see calls from continental.com to estara.com which was a site I was not familiar with. They are now called ATG, and I took the below text from their website.

ATG Click to Call and Click to Chat engage visitors proactively and selectively offer them the opportunity to contact a live agent from any page on any Web site, whether powered by the ATG platform or not. These on demand services engage customers at the most relevant time, such as when a transaction is at risk of being abandoned, or when the consumer’s Web behavior implies confusion. Or they can offer live help only to high-valued customers or big-ticket sales. ATG Call Tracking enables marketers to track inbound phone leads, and more accurately measure pay-for-performance campaigns. Powered by our IP-based infrastructure, Call Tracking brings low-cost scalability and reliability to improve performance across channels.

I’m not sure if the Continental agent really told the passenger they were making no money from selling hotels on the website, but in this age of ancillary revenue where every extra dollar counts, it is inconceivable that this could be true.