I mentioned Panamanian carrier Copa recently and their new website. I know people working in airlines are always interested to know how others with similar roles are doing it. For that reason, this article from La Estrella (The Star) would be of interest to many readers, except for the fact that it is written in Spanish.

It is an interview with eCommerce Director Frank Kardonski, he says the new website cost five million dollars, and with an eCommerce team of over 30 people they spent 18 months building their new web presence, partly by benchmarking against other airline websites with the intention of reducing the number of clicks it took to obtain information. They have added new currencies and new analytics to ensure they measure customers returning to the site, as this will be one of their key measures of success.

I remember taking two airline website executives out for drinks in Cannes one evening a few years ago when they asked each other how many staff each one had in his eCommerce team. The exec from the larger airline said 50, whilst the head of eCommerce for the airline about a quarter of the size gave an answer of five people. You could just see the guy with 50 staff rubbing his hands together when he said half jokingly something like “it looks like I’ll have to tell my team to get more efficient.”