If you don’t already know Tnooz, but do follow travel technology, then you’ve almost certainly been living under a rock in recent months. Kevin May and Dennis Schaal both asked me to join when they started the site, but it was only in the last few weeks that I decided to give it a go after being spurred along by Timothy O’Neil Dunne over some wine and tapas. My first post is now up on the site, and it is a much longer piece than I usually write here – my daughter must have slept for longer on Sunday afternoon than I was expecting. The Tnooz article is titled:

Why mobile itinerary planning and sharing is starting to get very interesting

I’ll probably only write for Tnooz once a month, but when I do the idea is to do a much more in-depth piece. Shearwater Blog will remain my main outlet, with the intention of posting short pieces here 3-4 times a week.

Apart from working with an editor who tweaks my copy (No complaints yet Kevin!), the one interesting challenge I face on Tnooz is that to many of the readers I will be an unknown. Where this becomes most challenging is in how to deal with the fact that I am employed by Amadeus. I’ve taken a very strict line in the Tnooz piece by not even discussing the benefits of the Amadeus checkmytrip mobile app, even though I’ve discussed a number of competitors. On this blog I am getting much more comfortable occassionally talking about Amadeus products, as my belief is that readers here already attach some level of impartiality to what I write. For example, see my post on the future of travel search where I talk at length about search by attributes and specifically mention Amadeus Affinity Shopper numerous times. Hopefully no-one thinks that post reads like a press release.

Also, I’ll use this opportunity to give some praise to a couple of Amadeus staff, especially as the American Airlines international websites were ranked the best in a side by side comparison against international websites from eight other airlines. Robert Alpert in Waltham MA, together with some co-ordination from Jean Claude Leleu in Nice France, as well as the guys from American’s international division based in London all deserve a big pat on the back for coming out in front in that analysis.

Now that is something you would never ever see me writing on Tnooz!