Reading a piece recently reviewing various airlines in India got me thinking about how too often we talk about Facebook being the only social network of any significance left standing. Whilst this may be true in many parts of the world, Orkut is still very popular in India and Friendster has a very big following in The Philipines; and Yahoo have not given up either with their social APIs. The other social network mentioned far less often is Linkedin, but with both Worldmate and Tripit offering itinerary sharing apps with functionality tapped from Linkedin, I’ve got a feeling those developments might be much more interesting than anything travel social related happening in India at the moment – I plan to write more about that soon.

The Indian piece was a very high level article, and I definitely saw one piece of advice I would advise airlines to question – anyone remember Royal Caribbean?

Mishra of Twenty Twenty WebTech said building a networking community through social media is particularly useful for Indian airlines, which do not differ substantially in terms of fares. He said there are many ways in which the carriers could enhance the involvement of passengers on these sites. “For example, an airline could give some flying points if they (passengers) post a positive note on Facebook or Twitter,” Mishra added.

If you are interested in the Indian Airline scene, it will only take a few minutes to read, but avoid the linked slide show completely as that part was a complete waste of time.