I’m gussing this is old news to anyone reading this post in the United States, as it looks like Virgin America passenger David Martin has been all over the media in the last day or two, but if you haven’t seen the story, take a look at this summary of the event on CNET. Amazing way to get publicity for David’s social site called Kontain, and a PR disaster for Virgin. The power of in flight wifi. 

One small error in the CNET story in that it refers to free wifi on Virgin America. David points out on his own site that this is in fact not the case. Maybe they meant to say that one day it will end up being bundled with fare families aimed at business travellers! On an only vaguely related topic, I saw news that cutting edge in-flight commmunications technology for passenger use doesn’t look like it will be getting off the ground with Qantas or any other Australian airline anytime soon – at least for the airlines, the chance of David Martin being in a position to repeat his feat downunder would be close to zero.