Can you imagine if a headline like my one today was serious. Nobody in their right mind would think this was news worth reporting. So why is the fact that someone had decided to use Twitter and Facebook really that much more amazing?

Where I saw this headline isn’t important, because I have seen the same type of thing frequently from various news outlets recently. Here it is:

Tourism Authority of Thailand to make use of Twitter and Facebook

Wow! How is that any more profound that me saying Airline X will now be using email to send offers to frequent flier members? I suppose they need all the good publicity they can get at the moment to deflect from the news that the former Tourism Authority of Thailand governor and her daughter have been indicted in California for accepting bribes from Americans. The news of Sasithara Pichaicharnnarong’s removal as permanent secretary of the Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry doesn’t seem to have been too well received either by tourism operators in that country.

The sooner we start to look critically at which airlines are using social media initiatives effectively, rather than just regurgitating stats on how great one airline is because they have so many followers on Twitter, then the better off we will all be.

And whilst it doesn’t actually mention social media, it is implied in this Adweek interview with Porter Gale, Marketing VP at Virgin America.

I think there are pockets of the population that are price-sensitive, but I think a lot of people are looking for a great value and a great experience. We’ve also found that 70 percent to 80 percent of people book directly on our Web site. So people are very passionate. I think that prior to our arrival, maybe people were picking on price, but now the issue of brand and product experience has been brought back to the category.

The interview is about getting lots of great publicity with minimal media spend. The PR machine kicks it off, and then social media gives it the buzz and really pushes it out there. It doesn’t directly tie in with the theme of today’s post, but I suppose I just wanted to end on a positive rather than a negative note!