Last week I saw a press release that couldn’t be ignored. Unfortunately for Spirit Marketing who put it out, I’m walking away a skeptic. Here is one part:

It is anticipated that airlines with more than 20 holiday routes will earn well into 7 figure incomes, with little moreto do than making a few links, and Spirit Marketing completing the experience.

Anything promising something that “for the airlines will probably be the largest ancillary revenue product they will have” certainly gets me wanting to know more, but in this case, the more you dig, the more likely you are to hit rock rather than a pot of gold.

Airlines wishing to join this will simply have to include a link in the booking path and we will do the rest.

That line is clearly from someone that has not had much experience selling via airline websites before. But I was still curious to know more about Spirit Marketing, so I took a look at their website. Success has many fathers whilst failure is an orphan, but one success they do claim is involvement in FHM’s guide to Britain that is apparently a very popular online destination site; when I searched on Google I could not actually find the FHM guide, and in fact found another site claiming Wicked Media were behind it – but I still couldn’t actually see this guide myself.

Maybe Wicked Media and Spirit Marketing are one in the same, as both sites are claiming to be the creators of in-flights city guides for various airlines. Who knows, but one thing I am pretty certain of is that earning “7 figure incomes” take a lot more than adding a link in the booking flow.