No, I’m not quitting blogging. I’ve borrowed the title of this post from a great article on the Travel Trends website where they illustrate with examples a number of travel companies whose blogs have gone stale, a kind of graveyard of past high hopes.

The only airline blog I´m subscribing to at the moment is from Delta, but I haven´t really been following it very closely latey. In the past I´ve followed stuff from Southwest, and also had feeds set up from Qantas and Iberia, although the last two weren´t really blogs as such. It got me thinking about how airlines should have a presence in the blogosphere.  For a start, the 4 Cs of Blogging illustrated here is a good reference point. Also try reading the article How To Blog With Passion and Purpose and if you are still not getting buy in across the organization, try 9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century.

I´m hardly the right person to talk about syndication, especially given my own blog only appears in one place, but airlines have numerous web properties where a blog can be given visibility. I haven´t noticed airlines really promoting the fact that they have a blog when I´ve been to other pages on the website (of any airline), and this seems a little shortsighted. It is a chance to really get a across a bit of personality behind the brand. Getting customers to read the blog regularly will almost certainly have a more positive brand impact than many other means of achieving the same end, and it would definintely be a much cheaper way of doing it. One problem is language, as websites are typically set up in various languages, but the blog will only be written in one; or at least I find it hard to imagine how a blog can have much credibility if it is translated into other languages – then it would risk being seen as marketing versus blogging. But it just means promoting the blog only on pages rendered in the same language.

This post is really just a starting point, and I plan to come back to this point in future when I have time to properly look at what would and wouldn´t work for an airline. I´m in London this week for work, and probably won´t get a chance to blog much at all, but I´ll definitely come back and expand on this post at some point in the future, as I think blogging is an untapped opportunity for most airlines.