Hat tip to a post called How To: Be Active On Twitter Without Getting Burned Out! by Diana Adams for pointing me in the direction of the video below. Very, very witty stuff. Or very tragic if you can identify with any of the participants!

When you think about it, many of the things that used to called sins are are now more commonly known as diseases. Gluttony is now chronic over eating disorder; what use to be called sloth would these days more likely be referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome or any one of a number of similar ailments; even what was the sin of anger or wrath might now in some cases be referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If that is the trend, then I’m waiting for the day when someone has to take sick leave from work after being diagnosed with Chronic Social Media Addiction.  

And to switch tracks completely, how about this: If you read the New York Times today you might almost be forgiven for wondering if they we using my recent November 11th post here as a source for story ideas! More likely a co-incidence, just as I found out yesterday with my “jumping the shark” line, but nice to live in a world of illusion every once in a while.