No, not Vtravelled, but Taxi2. If you’re confused, you are not the first. If rule number one of building a social network is establishing an actively engaged community, then fragmentation must surely be the enemy. I can’t work it out. And the guys in Brisbane from Virgin Blue whom I’ve always got a lot of time for were having their fair share of bad luck last week. I actually received the email in question and was very surprised at the time given that I’m not even sure if I have any points in that scheme. Doesn’t seem to stop me receiving more marketing emails than probably any other program I can think of; but I can’t complain as I suppose I could always unsubscibe if it really annoyed me.

Onto subjects closer to home, I’ve just heard that my colleagues at PhoCusWright in Orlando are cracking open the champagne as they’ve won the award for most innovative travel solution. I’m sure there will be more about the topic tomorrow on the new Amadeus amateur-expert traveller blog. I mention that blog for two reasons.

Firslty, I’ve been dying to find any excuse (even if I have to draw a long bow) to use the great diagram above, and secondly, it is good to see any company trying to do things a bit differently. Definitely take a look at their blog, as unlike what I do, this one is coming out with the official corporate stamp of approval, so I wish them well. The trick will be to ensure it doesn’t seem bland and written by committee, but the people behind it seem keen on really giving it a good go and trying to find a unique niche to appeal to. Delta have occassionally used their blog to get out messages about innovation on their website, and Google do a great job of constantly pushing their message of innovation via blogging, so no reason why other companies can’t join the conversation by going social. I still haven’t read the book I want to on corporate blogging despite mentioning it here previously, but maybe one day.

I’m in Nice again this week for work and hence the total inability to maintain my goal of getting at least three posts out a week. But I did see one interesting things I’ll mention briefly. Air Tran will be launching seat back advertising.

The patent-pending, self-enclosed, advertising system is provided by the OnBoard Media Group (, an Atlanta-based, aviation media company and is in use by more than 10 airlines worldwide, including Jet Airways in India and Air Arabia in Dubai. AirTran Airways is the first U.S. airline to install this FAA-approved advertising device.

And I know I promised the write part 2 of the online / offline ticketing date post, but I still haven’t got around to doing it yet.  I will, eventually, but to end on a half humourous and half cynical note, I’ll quote an anonymous source:  “The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.”