A few days ago I linked to the fascinating story of American Airlines firing Mr X. Whilst reading that post on the Dustin Curtis website I also came across another interesting post that made sense to write about here for two reasons.

Firstly he shares some interesting statistics from an experiment on click throughs based on the directness of the language. One of the most popular posts I ever wrote in terms of traffic coming from search engines, was where I gave actual stats on email marketing success by region, so obviously people are interested in this stuff. Dustin’s test phrases went from I’m on Twitter, then ending at You should follow me on twitter here, with some variations in between; the click through rates varied from 4.7% to 12.8%. Should be interesting reading for anyone working on website user experience and designing well written calls to action.

Secondly, below that post there was a comment from someone identifying himself as Steve Brewer:

Language is important, yes. At Expedia back in the day, when packages launched, we tried a tab that said “Packages”, one that said “Vacations” and one that said “Vacation Packages” – the latter increased BOOKINGs ~30%

I’ve worked with some really good people over the years who are guru’s in user interface design on websites, but I am definitely not one myself. Another thing I’m definitely not is an advocate of Twitter, so there is absolutely no call to action from this post.