I’m sure this story has been picked up on other travel blogs, but I’ve been too busy to do very much reading lately, so I haven’t seen it mentioned myself. Just in case you have not already heard about it, the Microsoft search engine Bing has expanded some of what they are offering to mobile users, and the one relevant to travel is along the lines of what Google have been offering via Flight Stats showing real time status of your flight. I shouldn’t really use the term “app” as I did in the headline, it is really just a website optimized for mobiles, but given that both need to interact with the internet to be useful in this instance, the distinction is probably irrelevant. 

Before you get too excited abut this new functionality from Bing, you may recall the bad experience I had with Google using this feature earlier in the year. I ‘m not sure if Bing have implemented it differently to aviod this same issue, but I’ve since learn my lesson to always go directly to Flight Stats.

If you are interested in the mobile travels apps space, my colleague Robert Buckman has just listed some of his favourites on his own blog.