In the past I’ve put a few of my presentations up on Youtube (eg. here and here), but today I’m plugging Meny Levy from El Al for two reasons. Firstly, he has given me the OK to share a video of his recent presentation in Cannes, but more importantly, his presentation was very highly rated by other customers at the same conference.  It scored better than my own presentation when the feedback forms were collated, so I’m more than happy to give him a plug. 

The presentation is a bit jumpy as someone in the audience is holding the video camera (I’m guessing Seffi from El Al), and it is probably really only relevant for airlines already using the xHTML version of the e-Retail booking engine from Amadeus, but the reason why I think other customers in attendance really liked it was because El Al have pushed the standard functionality of the booking engine quite hard, and therefore are doing things that some other airlines (especially the smaller ones without a decent customization budget) may not have previously known were possible.

If you want a closer look at Meny, you’ll can see a photo of him enjoying the night before the above presentation at the Gala Dinner in Cannes. Great to see that even after a big night, he was still shining the next morning when it was his turn to present. There were probably a few people in the audience that morning who were glad it was him on stage and not them!