Parts 1 and 2 from this series of posts may already be too much Amadeus for some readers, but I promise that today’s post is the last set of conference photos for a while…  well maybe only until after the FFP ARAC event in LA in a couple of weeks. Speaking of conferences, that one conflicts with one I would have loved to attend – The Web in Travel conference in Singapore. If you’ve got 18 minutes and 52 seconds spare, click on the pre-conference podcasts and listen to Tim Hughes, as he really does have a much better insight on the internet and social media in travel than most people doing the speaking circut these days. A very entertaining  and insightful guy, but I would say that! And if neither of those two upcoming conferences grab you, a third conference happening at the same time is the Adventure Travel World Summit in Quebec City. Is there any reason to remain in the office that week?

The photos I’ve uploaded today are from the last day of the e-commerce conference. Once all of the presentations were finished, busses arrived and took us from Cannes to Juan Les Pins to play pétanque. Beautiful weather and a great way to interact with customers and prospects in a more informal setting – if you want to see just how informal, that is me in the shorts!








That final photo is Derek from American Airlines taking a drink of some liquid that looks like something I wouldn’t go near handling without wearing rubber gloves. He is standing next to conference organizer Armelle Carlier. I suppose after successfully organizing what was undoubtedly the best conference of the past few years (with the help of a good team of course), she is entitled to take a drink of whatever she pleases!